Sunday, 13 March 2016

Love and Wisdom Entwined

This compelling D&s expression of the popular artistic theme, Allegory of Love and Wisdom, is by Isidoro Bianchi called Campione (1581 - 1662), an Italian painter of the Baroque period.

He seems to have been active at the start of the century as a fresco painter in the Como area. His first recorded work is a fresco cycle for the Cistercian monastery attached to the Abbey of Santa Maria dell'Acquafredda, 1598-1601. Between 1605 and 1606, he is recorded as having visited the court of Rudolph II in Prague, after which he returned to Lombardy and later entered the patronage of the ducal house of Savoy. He was appointed court painter and knighted by the Duke in 1631.

Many of Bianchi's works have a distinctly Lombard quality but this painting is a rare example of the impact his trip to Prague had on his style. The unusually large allegorical composition is influenced by Bartholomäus Spranger's painting of a similar subject.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

Cruel Diana

This glorious vision of the huntress, Cruel Diana, with her dying and dead prey lying at her feet was created in 1963. The work is by Zdeněk Burian (1905 - 81), a Czech painter and book illustrator whose work played a central role in the development of palaeontological reconstruction.

Originally recognised only in his native Czechoslovakia, Burian's fame later spread to an international audience during a remarkable career spanning six decades (1930s to 1980s). He is regarded by many as the most influential palaeo-artist of the modern era, and a number of subsequent artists have attempted to emulate his style.

I am grateful to Pray & Worship for Princess for sourcing this painting.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Vive Paris

This is a selection of vintage art posters of Females in mildly dominant and humorous poses illustrated in the classic French weekly magazine, La Vie Parisienne (Parisian life), which was founded in Paris in 1863 and published without interruption until 1970.

It was especially popular at the start of the 20th century. Originally, it covered novels, sports, theatre, music and the arts. In 1905, the magazine changed hands and it soon evolved into a mildly risqué erotic publication.

The artwork of La Vie Parisienne reflected the stylization of Art Nouveau  and Art Deco illustration, mirroring the aesthetic of the age. The largest collection of La Vie Parisienne magazine artwork in the UK is held by The Advertising Archives, a free-to-view resource holding cover and interior artwork of famed illustrators including George Barbier, Cheri Herouard, Georges leonnec and Maurice Milliere.

The historical La Vie Parisienne ceased to exist in 1970. A new magazine of the same name started in 1984 and is still in existence.

At this very painful time for the citizens of Paris, may they soon recover their renowned joie de vivre.

Sunday, 15 November 2015

Venus and the satyr

In this painting, created in 1671, a clearly fearful satyr is held and mocked by two putti before the seated Venus who, with her extended arm, prepares to pronounce on his fate. A container of wine spills on to the ground in a metaphor of flowing blood.

The work is by Filippo Lauro (1623 - 94), an Italian painter and draughtsman of the Baroque period, active mainly in Rome.

He was best known for his many, elegant and highly wrought 'cabinet' pictures of landscape and mythological subjects done on panel or copper, which are widely scattered in collections in Europe and North America. In addition, he painted large-scale decorative frescoes for some of the most eminent patrons in Rome.

Friday, 13 November 2015

The Art of Hand-Kissing

Hand-kissing as an art form, to be used along with courtly bows, flourishes of one's hat, and all the rest of the "bells and whistles" that go with courtly behaviour - but strictly only at The Lady's invitation.

The Reception ~ Arturo Ricci

The Suitor ~ Francesco Beda

The Admirer ~ Antonio Lonza

Galant Wooing: Courtly Company Playing Palour Games In The Salon ~ Adriano Cecchi 

The Proposal ~ Alois Heinrich Priechenfried

The First Encounter ~ Pio Ricci

The Kiss on the Hand ~ Gerolamo Induno 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Warrior Dragon Queen

While I rarely feature digital art here, I was struck by this interesting fantasy piece called Court of the Crimson Queen. Set in a scene of medieval foreboding, a bound male prisoner kneels before the Warrior Dragon Queen as She contemplates his fate.

It is by an American graphic artist, Robert Gorske (aka Roademan) who describes himself as “an airbrush artist in the automotive field since 1981”, and who began working with Photoshop CS5 since 2011 for the pure enjoyment.