Tuesday, 24 December 2013

At Last, The Last

As the year-end approaches, it seems an appropriate time, for a number of reasons, to draw the final curtain on this personal homage to the FemDom Arts. 

i do so with a painting called At Last My Lovely from the genre of romantic realism made popular by the contemporary Scottish artist and publisher, Jack Vettriano. In an intriguing study of couple power play, the kneeling male appears to be surrendering himself to the seated Woman whose background shadow dominates the picture.

While often regarded in a negative light by the art establishment, and in particular by a subset unhappy at his portrayal of Women’s sexuality, Vettriano’s hugely popular artwork is an unashamed celebratory narrative of Female Power. It has been said of the archetype noir Woman featured in his paintings that “she looks like a Woman to whom a pledge of eternal love might provoke her to stab you with a stiletto.”

i wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the many people who generously gave me support with this blog offering over the last three years and more, and in particular to Goddess Eva Luna for whom the blog was dedicated and to Nanshakh, FemDom artist supreme, for his endless encouragement.


  1. As always a beautiful choice. And a very pertinent comment. I am not surprised that some art circles would frown upon Vetriano. As all outstanding artists, and meaningful ones, he would provoke the ire of the mediocre. I have always considered him excellent and powerful, and obviously, without being obviously a Femdom artist, his women more than often exude dominance and arrogance on top of their sensual femininity. As you point out, the shadow of the woman on the wall is striking, very strong and overpowering. A haunting symbolism. Bravo, again.
    I do hope fervently that you are not planning to stop your blog, Domnei. It is more than just excellent, it is always meaningful, intelligent, and deeply challenging for the imagination. A source of enlightenment. By far The reference about art in general, and Femdom too, I have never known any page that could compare to it. Of course, considering its richness and the frequency of articles, it would be very understandable that you could wish to take some rest. But it would be a loss for all of us. In any case thank you, always, for all the enrichment you have brought us. And many thanks to your Mistress Eva Luna if She has inspired you to craft these beautiful pages, we are all very much indebted to Her, then.

  2. Sorry to hear that you might sign off. Have a good time and thanks for all the hard work on your blog.
    Michael M